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When Is a Dental Crown Needed?

You've likely heard of a crown, a porcelain tooth-shaped implement used in dental restorations. But if you don't have a crown yourself, you may not know when or why they're recommended. Dr. George Zatarain, your general dentist in Reno, Nevada, often uses crowns to help his patients at Z Dentistry achieve optimal dental health. Read below to learn of a few of the instances in which his practice implements crowns.

Deep decay

Although most cavities can be repaired with a filling, some can be invasive enough that a filling could put the entire tooth at risk for breakage. When this happens, Dr. Zatarain, your Reno general dentist, may file your tooth down and place a crown on top of it. This rids the tooth of the decay while ensuring that the remaining tooth structure, including the roots, stays intact and healthy.

Failed filling

After many years of use, an old filling in one or more of your teeth may begin to wear down. In some cases, they may even dislodge from the tooth they're in. To keep more decay from forming, your Reno general dentist may remove the damaged filling and replace it with a crown. This is often because the tooth's enamel has worn down as well and may not be able to support another filling properly. A crown will keep the treated tooth protected and looking great for many years to come.

Refining a restoration

Crowns are often used as the "finishing touch" after a dental procedure. Root canals, for example, need a crown on top to strengthen the affected tooth given that the inner structure is removed to eliminate infection. The crown is the only part of a dental implant that shows when you smile, so it's a very important component in this restoration. All of the porcelain crowns that Reno dentist uses are carefully crafted to look just like a natural tooth.

If you think one or more of your teeth could benefit from a crown, contact Z Dentistry in Reno, Nevada, today to schedule an appointment with general dentist George Zatarain: (775) 331-1616.

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