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Why Do Dental Veneers Resist Staining?

Visiting Z Dentistry for dental veneers in Reno is a fantastic way to achieve a truly beautiful and flawless smile you can be proud to show off. After your procedure is over, however, you will likely have many questions, including "Can veneers stain?" and "How can I keep my veneers from staining?" The good news is: dental veneers are stain resistant!Veneers

Why are Veneers Stain Resistant?

Dental veneers from Z Dentistry are made out of porcelain, a hard, glassy material. Porcelain is also non-porous, which means that substances cannot get into the porcelain, where they could cause staining. As a result, your Reno dental veneers should remain stain free for anywhere from seven to twenty years. This is great news for anyone who loves coffee and soda, but who still wants a beautiful, white smile!

Can You Stain Porcelain Veneers?

Of course, there are ways to stain your porcelain veneers if you try hard enough. For example, using an abrasive toothpaste, such as a whitening toothpaste, can wear away at the surface of your veneers, causing it to become porous. Alternately, if you use your teeth to bite hard objects like bone or to open cans, for example, you do risk chipping or cracking a veneer, which could lead to staining. While your veneers are hard and durable, you will want to use common sense to avoid chipping or cracking them.

Can I Have Coffee and Soda With Veneers?

Before you go out and binge on coffee, tobacco, soda and other stain-causing substances, however, you do need to stop and think about the rest of your teeth. If you don't have veneers on all of your teeth, your original teeth could still become stained while your veneers remain a shiny white. This two-colored look may be very noticeable and embarrassing, and so you will still want to avoid stain-causing substances.

For a perfectly brilliant white smile that is free of chips and cracks, dental veneers from Reno's own Z Dentistry are an excellent choice. Call and set up an appointment today!

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