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Dental Crowns Strengthen the Damaged Teeth
By Z Dentistry
February 20, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dental crowns  
Dr. George Zatarain provides crowns that makeover smiles and improve your oral health. Dental crowns from Z Dentistry in North West dental crownsReno, NV, are crucial. They are a cosmetic and functional fix for several dental problems.
Dental crowns are porcelain caps placed over a tooth. Crowns usually are needed when,
  • after a person's tooth has a root canal
  • severe decay destroys large portions of the tooth
  • as part of a bridge,
  • to complete an implant
  • to protect cracked teeth from worsening
  • to cover discolored or stained teeth
Getting a crown is straightforward. First, your tooth is first shaped to remove any damage and to make room for the crown. Second, Dr. Z takes an impression of the tooth.  Third, a temporary crown is placed on your tooth while the custom-made dental crown is created.  Lastly, when your permanent crown is ready, it is cemented in place.

Give your smile a makeover with dental crowns from the North West Reno, NV, office of Z Dentistry. Call Dr. George Zatarain today at (775) 331-1616 to schedule your consultation.