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COVID-19 Virus Precautions

As healthcare providers the health and safety of our visitors and staff is our first concern. We already practice significant infection control measures. Those include disinfecting the operatory after each patient, sterilizing all instruments, maintaining a clean water supply to the operatory and providing masks, gloves and eye wear to employees.

In addition, we are closely following the Centers for Disease Control and the American Dental Association for guidance to stop the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. Based on their recommendations we have added safeguards to our existing infection control measures.

We have added AirScrubbers to the HVAC system.  AirScrubbers treat our indoor air with HEPA filters, UV light and Ionized particles to seek out and destroy bacteria and viruses.  Our air exchange adds fresh air to the building all day, from one hour before we open until 2 hours after we close.  We are alternating the treatment rooms to allow for double cleaning of rooms between patients.

You will be asked questions about your health and social distancing practices so we can find the best appointment time for you.  People with underlying health conditions are encouraged to make appointments for early in the day or right after lunch.

Appointments 14 days in the future will be provided to people who have been exposed to COVID or who have recently traveled out of the area.

Friday afternoon and end of day appointments are made for people who must travel out of the area for work.

When you do arrive for your appointment, we will ask you symptom questions and take your temperature and oxygen levels

We appreciate that you have read this information in advance of your dental appointment. Please call the office (775-331-1616) if you have any questions or need to postpone your visit.

See you soon!