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Z dentistry Also Serves Truckee, CA

Friendly, compassionate and personalized - at Z dentistry, we value patient relationships.  A warm greeting and gentle care is something you deserve from a Reno, NV dentist.  You will feel at ease in the relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere at Z dentistry.

We strive to develop lifelong relationships with our patients by getting to know them and by partnering with them to provide the dental care they want.  We combine a 'no pressure' look at your dental situation with the latest dental technology and a professional, compassionate staff. The result is a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

You will begin receiving your personalized care at the time of your first call or email to Z dentistry.  We will ask you questions so that we can understand your dental health goals.  You will be scheduled for the time you need, whether it is for emergency care or a complete dental exam.  If you arrive with dental pain, the first goal will be to relieve your pain.  If you arrive to become part of our dental family, the first goal will be to get a complete, detailed look at your oral health.

Dr. Z loves teeth!  He is a leading Reno dentist who also serves patients from Sparks, Fernley and Truckee, CA. He will give you a complete exam and discuss your situation with you.  Dr. Z will answer your questions and talk with you about any problem areas you may have.  He will let you know about your options if you do have a problem as well as point out ways to keep your dental health in tip top shape.

Wonderful hygienists round out our professional team.  Keeping your teeth clean and your gums healthy are dental services that everyone needs.  This is the foundation of good dental health.  Hope and Sarah are experts at measuring the health of your gums and at directing you to the best dental maintenance plan for your situation.  They stay informed about all of your dental care needs and preferences.  You can be confident of receiving regular cleanings and check-ups that are tailored to you.

The dental assistants complement Dr. Z and the Hygienists.  Maria and Holly will be prepared to serve you during your visits to Dr. Z.  They keep all the 'behind the scenes' jobs in our clinical area running at top efficiency from working chairside to maintaining our sterile working environment and managing your dental records. They know dentistry and can answer many of your questions.

In the front office area of Z dentistry you will meet Joan at the Reception Window and Lesly at the Check Out Counter.  These two ladies help you schedule your appointments, get your records from other offices, verify your basic insurance benefits, file insurance claims for you and provide financial arrangement options. They are your starting point for a great experience at Z dentistry.

A new feature at Z dentistry is the Smile Saving Membership Plan.  You may be interested in the Plan if you do not have dental insurance or if you would like to drop your dental insurance.  There are a lot of Pluses to paying the dentist directly for your services and cutting out the Insurance Middle Man.  Insurance policies cover what you MAY need and often have a lot of small print describing limitations, exclusions, waiting periods and downgrades.

The Smile Saving Membership has two offerings - the Healthy Smile Saving Plan and the Healthy Gums Saving Plan.

Both plans cover dental cleanings, x-rays, a fluoride treatment, wellness exams, a problem exam.  An additional perk is 20% off any additional services you might need.  The Healthy Smile Saving Plan is for people who receive 2 cleanings a year.  The Healthy Gums Saving Plan is for people who have gum disease and need 4 cleanings a year.  We welcome your questions about this alternative to dental insurance.

Give us a call today.  We welcome new patients - new friends.

Our services include:

Your questions are welcome - we are always available to answer your questions. Let us care for your entire family! We look forward to meeting you.

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