Do you wake up in the morning and find that you have a headache? As you prepare for your day, your jaw feels sore, and as you brush your teeth, you notice that your teeth look short and ground down. Could this all be related to your constant morning headaches? If you grind your teeth as you sleep, this could be a daily experience. Chronic teeth grinding, along with jaw clenching is known as bruxism, is a serious condition that can compromise your dental health.

When you visit Dr. Aaron at Z Dentistry in Reno, Nevada, our team will help you eliminate your bruxism and provide appropriate treatment.

Why Are You Grinding Your Teeth?

Treatment for Grinding Teeth near Reno, NV

In the United States alone, nearly a third of the population suffers from this condition, with many never seeking proper medical care. While bruxism is often done unconsciously, mostly during sleep, it will wear down teeth over time, leading to cracks, breaks, and even falling out teeth. Bruxism can be quite difficult to treat without professional assistance because its cause can be mental and physical. Common causes of bruxism include:

  • Chronic stress or anxiety
  • Abnormal Jaw alignment
  • Injury to the jaw
  • Acid reflux
  • Sleep apnea
  • Side effects of medication
  • Complications from pre-existing medical conditions such as Huntington’s or Parkinson’s disease

Personality type often plays a significant role in bruxism, with those who are especially competitive or aggressive likely to suffer since they tend to clench their jaws frequently. Bruxism can do more than create wear and tear on your teeth. It can also be the underlying cause of chronic headaches, facial pain, and earaches. This is due to the stress bruxism puts on your temporomandibular joint.

How We Treat Bruxism

If you think you are currently suffering from bruxism, the first step you will want to take is to seek treatment. When you visit our office, Dr. Aaron will perform a complete examination to determine the cause of your bruxism. If stress plays a role in your bruxism, relaxation exercises and stretching to relax your face and jaw muscles will be recommended. In addition, we offer night guards, which will help take the pressure you are exerting and reapply it evenly across your teeth, protecting them from damage.

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