A guide to avoiding extractions, when prompt removal may be the healthiest approach

Dental extractions refer to the removal of teeth. At Z dentistry in Reno, Nevada, we try to avoid removing a tooth at all costs. There is one notable exception to this rule: impacted wisdom teeth!

Man suffering from a tooth pain

The trouble with wisdom teeth 

Wisdom teeth are the third molars, or the last teeth to develop and break through the gums. Often, however, they do not properly erupt or surface through those gums. They may become impacted or partially or fully trapped in the jawbone. This frequently occurs because, by the time wisdom teeth appear in most patients’ late teens and early 20s, there is little room in the mouth for them. So they cannot erupt properly. Instead, they may grow in at an angle. As the tooth tries to break through, it can cause intense pressure and pain. 

Our approach to care is proactive. Led by Dr. Aaron Sanders, Z dentistry monitors the condition of the teeth, gums, and other oral tissues and structures on an ongoing basis. We do this during regular check-ups. These visits involve comprehensive oral exams and professional cleaning by one of our seasoned dental hygienists. In turn, we can detect problems early – before they cause pain and damage. For what cannot be seen with the naked eye, Dr. Aaron uses advanced diagnostics to pinpoint problems affecting even the smallest of areas or issues in their earliest stages. 

The process 

Thanks to modern dental techniques and science, we can preserve even severely infected teeth with the likes of root canal therapy. However, if a tooth cannot be saved with nonsurgical RCT or other surgical endodontic procedures, it would require extraction followed by prompt tooth replacement with a bridge or implant. We surround ourselves with the area’s top professionals. So, in some cases, oral surgeries are handled by our specialist partners. 

Your comfort and safety is our priority. “Simple extractions” primarily involve isolating the troublesome tooth and using special tools to loosen and lift the tooth from its socket. “Surgical” extractions generally refer to removing teeth that are broken or not fully visible in the mouth. These teeth are harder to access and would require surgical techniques to remove them. All treatments are performed with appropriate anesthetic and sedation as needed. You will not feel anything during the procedure. We also partner closely with patients afterward, just as we do beforehand, to assure their mouths heal properly and quickly. Our clear and detailed instructions, as well as our accessibility, should you have questions, help to avoid potential complications post-extraction. Do not wait for changes to your mouth to occur that could indicate the presence of severe, tooth-threatening conditions. Call us at (775) 451-0616 to schedule an appointment in northwest Reno – for the long, healthy life of your teeth!