Non-surgical periodontal disease treatment … A “deep clean” for your gums!

Dr. Aaron and the entire team at Z dentistry are thrilled to be in a position to make a difference in our patients’ lives. We get to know them and their families through routine visits to our office in northwest Reno, Nevada. Often, these visits are sufficient to protect the teeth, gums, and mouth from damage. In doing so, we prevent the need for treatment to restore the structure, health, function, and appearance of the teeth and supportive tissues. 

These “check-ups” are also great opportunities to detect problems early before they cause irreparable damage. Scaling and root planing is just such a proactive intervention. It is appropriate for patients with gum disease or “periodontal” disease. 

As a non-surgical procedure, it is a well-tolerated way to resolve existing inflammation. For many patients, it is the only treatment that is needed – and avoids the need for more invasive surgical treatments to rebuild the healthy attachments or supports between the teeth and gums. 

The process 

Think of scaling and root planing as a “deep clean.” We get below the gum line to remove the substances that are responsible for oral diseases. In addition to eradicating harmful bacteria, plaque, tartar, lingering food debris, and toxins, SRP also smooths the rough surfaces of the tooth roots. These surfaces tend to attract bacteria and the other disease-causing substances mentioned here. 

The “standard” alternative to SRP prevents decay and periodontal disease by removing all of these risk factors, along with surface stains, from the teeth and at the gum line – not below it. Regular, 6-month professional cleanings at our office also do not involve the “planing” step of the SRP process, whereby the root surfaces are smoothed out. 

If during your check-up we find that gum disease is present, more aggressive treatment with a “deep cleaning” may be necessary as the standard cleaning has its limitations. 

Following your treatment, we will want to check that your gums are healing properly and on schedule. Often, SRP and follow-up and maintenance appointments are all that are necessary to prevent the loss of gum tissue, teeth, and bone! Redder than usual gums. Blood on your toothbrush or floss. Gums that are painful to the touch. These are common symptoms of gum disease; however, by the time you notice them, damage may have been done. So, we encourage you not to delay to schedule and keep your regular preventative appointments. Call Z dentistry at (775) 451-0616 or request an appointment from this website anytime.