Comprehensive services for your family’s evolving health needs, delivered in a “far from ordinary” way!

True to our name, we take care of individuals’ and families’ oral health needs … from “A” to “Z.” While Z dentistry may offer comprehensive services, not unlike other general dentists in and around Reno, Nevada, our approach to delivering those services is what distinguishes us from “the rest.” 

Our dentist, Dr. Sanders, prefers to go by “Aaron” He takes pride in putting patients at ease and making every visit feel less like an impersonal doctor’s appointment and more like a visit to a dear friend. With that being said, we take our roles of safeguarding and restoring patients’ oral health and wellness very seriously. 

We appreciate that the health of the teeth, gums, and mouth affects those vital everyday functions that are so essential to how we feel about ourselves and our quality of life. Painful chewing due to toothaches or imbalanced “bites,” for instance, can result in a cascade of destructive effects; patients don’t get the nutrition necessary to be healthy. Nutritional deficiencies arise, which threaten our “systemic” health — effects not limited to irregular heart rhythms, labored breathing, weak bones, personality changes, and cognitive decline—scary stuff. 

Additionally, the effects of conditions such as advanced gum disease have been well-documented; researchers have linked bacteria and inflammation implicated in periodontal disease to everything from cardiovascular disease to Alzheimer’s. Among those patients with existing conditions or comorbidities, it is all the more important to maintain consistent dental visits. For example, risk factors for poor diabetes control include the presence of gum disease. 

Fortunately, we can assure your smile and the “rest of you” remains healthy and functional with the following stress-less services! 

  • 6-month check-ups – Visits for comprehensive oral exams and professional cleanings every six months are “standard” for healthy patients and those who do not have risk factors for dental diseases and oral cancers (such as smoking).
  • Oral cancer screenings – We blend our considerable know-how and diagnostics to pinpoint abnormalities that may warrant further investigation. Think: persistent lumps, bumps, patches, and sores. We also encourage you to tell us about any functional changes, such as problems swallowing or frequent hoarseness. 
  • Professional preventive care – These services cannot be found at the drugstore or bought online! Depending on your unique needs, we may integrate the likes of dental sealant application or fluoride supplementation into your routine check-up. Also, oral appliance therapy presents a remarkable tool to comfortably and easily resolve many conditions and prevent dangerous complications. They range from mouthguards (to protect the teeth, mouth, and jaws from sports-related injuries) to nightguards (to prevent fractures and other damage caused by chronic bruxism or teeth grinding). 

Since today’s cavity can quickly turn into tomorrow’s crown or extraction, we, of course, urge patients to call us sooner rather than later at (775) 451-0616 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Aaron. But, those patients with damage that requires restorative care, also have peace of mind. We offer many durable and aesthetic dental restorations to rebuild or replace teeth. We also surround ourselves with the “best,” the area’s top specialists who may partner with us to resolve even the most complex cases to get your oral health back on track.