From abscesses to avulsed (knocked-out) teeth and everything in between Prompt care for all your urgent needs

One of the best things we can provide our patients throughout northern Nevada and northeastern California is peace of mind. The individuals and families that partner with Z dentistry in Reno know that their oral health is in good hands with our highly relational, proactive approach to supporting healthy teeth, gums, and mouths. This approach allows us to prevent many emergencies caused by underlying oral conditions. 

With regular dental check-ups, Dr. Aaron can also recommend professional preventive services that minimize the risk of injuries or trauma resulting in emergency care. Take, for instance, oral and maxillofacial injuries caused by blows to the face during sports activities. Since we get to know you and your family members, we can discuss mouthguards and other ways to prevent injuries and damage. Every effort is made to manage and avoid the “controllable.” 

Peace of mind also comes in the form of knowing that there is someone to call for support, day or night, if a toothache becomes unbearable or should a tooth be dislodged due to an accident. As experts in oral and facial anatomy, we are in the best possible position to treat urgent conditions in a way that supports lasting health and function. We do not simply resolve pain in the short term; we also consider the long-term effects and what is in your best interests beyond the current situation. 

One of the most significant sources of dental emergencies comes in the form of a broken or fractured tooth. You may sustain a small chip or crack and not think much of it. The problem is that even the smallest cracks can allow harmful bacteria and other decay-producing substances to enter the innermost part of the tooth. When this happens, your tooth is at risk of serious infections or abscesses. We have the tools to save even severely damaged teeth. However, the longer you go without treatment, the worse the damage can become. Even advanced, specialty surgical techniques may not be effective at preserving the tooth. In this case, you would require a dental extraction, followed by prompt tooth replacement to avoid the complications (think: destructive bone loss) associated with missing teeth. From a persistently aching tooth to soft tissue cuts and loose restorations, urgent dental needs can take various forms. And, if it’s a concern to you, it is a concern to us! Do not delay to phone (775) 451-0616. Our team is standing by to help with whatever life brings. Be sure that all family members have our number handy and saved on their phones.