Health and safety are our first concerns. We always practice basic infection control measures.

  • disinfecting the operatory after each patient,
  • sterilizing all instruments,
  • maintaining a clean water supply to the operatory and
  • wearing masks, gloves and eyewear.

In addition, we have added more safety precautions, including:

Air Quality

  • Constant Air Exchange bringing in fresh air
  • HEPA filters on the HVAC system
  • AirScrubbers in the ductwork. AirScrubbers contain UV lights and HEPA filters to disinfect indoor air. They also add ionized particles which seek out and destroy bacteria and viruses.
  • Aerosol Capture systems in each room (Vanguard Gold aerosol capture and PurVac and High Volume Evacuation systems)
  • Alternating the treatment rooms between patients to allow for double cleaning of rooms and physical space between patients.

Patient Screening

  • Pre-appointment screening of patients
  • Day of screening of patients for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Preferred appointment scheduling for people with ‘pre-existing’ conditions
  • Temperature checks when entering the office
  • Mouth rinse for patients prior to the start of appointments

Personal Protective Equipment for Staff

  • N95 and Level 3 Masks
  • Face Shields
  • Gowns and Lab Coats
  • Daily temperature and symptoms screening

We appreciate that you have read this information in advance of your dental appointment. Please call the office (775) 451-0616 if you have any questions.

See you soon!