Repair cavities fast with highly aesthetic fillings that are built to last

Relationships. It’s a word that gets tossed around routinely by health care providers these days. For us, it is more than a “nice thing to say.” Z dentistry embodies and lives that focus on relationships with our valued patients and their families each day. Patients are not simply a set of teeth and gums to us. Likewise, our dentist, Dr. Sanders, is better known as “Aaron” He and our broader team are approachable, and our office environment is not impersonal. These attributes add up to a welcoming place that our extended dental family is happy to call their “dental home.” 

Fillings, and the need for restorative care to treat conditions, can be avoided entirely due to this approach. After all, relational care does not arise overnight. It requires routine visits and communication with our team. So, we get to know you, and you get to trust us. Now, should we detect damage requiring treatment, we can generally offer nonsurgical and conservative approaches. After all, we are catching problems early, before severe or irreparable damage has occurred. 

Beautiful options for every smile

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Furthermore, Dr. Aaron and our team are very open and transparent in empowering our patients with all the information they need to make an educated decision about their treatment. Patients with smaller cavities can benefit from fillings. These restorations may be made from a variety of materials, including metals and metal-free composite resin. Dental composites can be perfectly color-matched. So, once the filling is secured to the prepared and cleaned treatment site, it will blend in well with the rest of the natural tooth. The tooth as a whole will look indistinguishable from its healthy, natural neighbors. 

This approach is mainly conservative; Dr. Aaron removes or alters very little tooth structure to accommodate the filling. The more healthy structure that is retained, the better the treatment outcomes – treated teeth look and feel natural, function naturally, and are built to last.

New tooth sensitivity? Dark spots on your teeth? These and other concerns may be indicative of early enamel erosion or decay. When caught sufficiently early into the disease process, we may be able to recommend services like fluoride supplements or sealants to resolve the symptoms and halt progressive damage – no filling necessary! Without treatment, though, today’s small cavity can turn into tomorrow’s full-coverage crown, extraction, or bridge. So, do not put off getting the care that you need. Call Z dentistry at (775) 451-0616 to schedule an appointment. Or, our northwest Reno, NV office can be reached anytime via the “appointment request” button on our home page.