We prevent and treat gum disease proactively and painlessly… for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles

Gum disease, or “periodontal” disease, can be prevented with the Z dentistry approach to care. Led by Dr. Aaron Sanders, our team in northwest Reno serves the oral health needs of individuals and their families throughout northern Nevada and northeastern California with a kind, non-judgmental, relationship-based approach. This approach is built on a foundation of routine visits or check-ups. 

During these check-ups, our skilled hygienists clean your teeth and gums. Dr. Z also checks the condition of your gums and other oral tissues. So, he can identify problems early when they may be treated most conservatively. Treatment depends on the extent of gum disease and how much damage it may have already caused. Since we are so proactive when it comes to care, we can often stop this progressive disease before it causes irreparable harm and the loss of teeth and supportive tissues. 

A progressive condition = many opportunities to treat! 

Patients with active disease are primarily characterized as “early stage” gingivitis or “advanced” periodontitis. Gingivitis is marked by gums that look redder than usual and swollen. Patients may notice blood on their floss or toothbrush when they clean their mouths. Importantly, early-stage gum disease is often “silent.” It does not produce symptoms. You may think your gums are healthy when, in fact, they are not. This truth underscores the importance of regular oral exams. Our dentist detects problems that would otherwise go unnoticed until the disease has progressed and caused hard-to-miss signs indicative of damage.

Periodontitis arises when the bacterial plaque is allowed to spread and grow underneath the gum line. The bacteria release toxins that eventually contribute to breaking down the tissues and bone. For this reason, patients may notice that their smile looks “long in the tooth” as the gums pull away from the teeth. This process makes the teeth look longer than they actually are in the smile. The spaces or pockets between the teeth and gums continue to grow without treatment. Teeth may either fall out or require an extraction (removal). 

Fortunately, the effects of gum disease can not only be resolved but reversed when addressed in their earliest stages. Depending on the extent of the disease, Dr. Z may recommend modifications to oral care techniques or the introduction of new products to aid in removing bacteria and resolving inflammation. A “deep cleaning,” known as scaling or root planing, can help patients to avoid the need for surgical procedures to treat disease. SRP is followed by frequent follow-up visits and maintenance appointments. More advanced disease may require regenerative therapies to build up lost gum and bone tissue. 

If you are due to see the dentist, do not wait! Most oral conditions can be prevented or stopped in their tracks with proactive check-ups. Call (775) 451-0616 to schedule an appointment at our Reno, NV office or request an appointment online.